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Become a better version of you!

Step 1. Fill out the online liability waiver-on this page.

Step 2. Start your one week free trial

Step 3. Choose your one time gear registration ( this is new gear that you keep)-on this page

Step 4. Choose a membership that’s best for you!-on the plans & pricing page

Step 5. Download the wix app to stay up to date.

Step 6. Enjoy the journey. OSS!,


I, the undersigned, understand that upon joining Prodigy JiuJitSu, LLC that participation in martials arts can carry a risk of obtaining serious injuries, including but not limited to, permanent paralysis or death, and or serious illness such as Covid-19. I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept and assume this risk. I agree not to sue Prodigy JiuJitsu, LLC, or its instruction should any injury or accident occur. I release Prodigy JiuJitsu LLC from any and all claims on behalf of myself, spouse, heirs, administrators or assigns. Futhermore, I release Prodigy JiuJitsu LLC the instrctors, staff and volunteers from any and all liability. By submitting this form I kow and understand the stated risk and agree to resume responsibility for those risks. I have read and understand this agreement and I agree to this agreement as well as this agreement remaining in affect the entire duration of my membership.

By submitting this you agree to an electronic signature

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

One time gear registration 
Is this your first time attending?

This is a one time registration for gear.

all classes- includes gi, belt, rashguard, shorts, and spats. OR gi, belt, gloves,shin guards, and a ra

Gi and no Gi option allows you one Gi, one rashguard and a belt.

kickboxing only allows you gloves and shin guards.

Select an item ($)

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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